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Thursday, January 14, 2010


To be honest, this class is not what I had expected it to be. I was somehow under the impression that "publishing" meant that I would be learning how to publish my own work. Not that I expected a class for simply producing a happy little self-made book, but I thought that there would be a great deal to do with the book publishing process. I don't know where this idea stemmed from, but I walked into the classroom wondering what I would try to write and publish, if only to learn about the process and the difficulties and rewards of being a writer.

Now that I see the class schedule and realize that Trillium will be the main point of curriculum, I am unsure about my expectations. That is not to say that I am not excited about my participation in our literary journal. I have actually done this before. I was a temporary editor for my high school's online journal the "Pen Dragon". If anything, I am less nervous and ready to dig in for the editing process. I know its benefits for my own writing, and plan to submit some myself to keep in practice for creative writing.

I hope to see a collection of arts and writings that make up Piedmont's best creative work. A strong focus on quality over quantity is important, and I hope that there are many submissions.

Our last journal was very neat and accessible, but I hope to work more on it's layout this year. After all, we are seeking to improve and grow, and I know a bit about .html and profile design.

In our submissions, I will be looking for well executed and interesting ideas. Anything to represent the newness of original work, outside of the cliche and trite. Hopefully enough submissions will come in that we can afford to be critical and still generous with the submissions we chose to publish.

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  1. We'll definitely talk about how to send your own work out--in fact, it's on the agenda for today. The guidelines are pretty simple, though, so it won't take long to go over them. I'm happy to look over submissions you're planning to send out. Let me know when you want to look over them!